Tuesday, April 8

Els and Pieter + Knut and Lillian

Longstayers are continuing to leave Myramar. Early this morning Lillian and Knut left Malaga with DY5550 at 6.59 am. At blogging time they have just passed Rotterdam and they will be back in Norway at lunchtime.
Weather forecast is bad: Weather at Lørenskog

This photo from our farewell drinks last afternoon will therefore be a reminder when they wonder why they left. Happy Easter from us in +24 C.

Last week Els and Pieter left by train to Holland. Yesterday we suddenly found 2 bottles of Pot Still One Jenever in our message box in the reception.
Thank you Dutch friends. Since we missed Pieter´s birthday celebration on 25th March we will cheer you today, and look forward to meet again next time.

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