Saturday, August 2

Strolling Tjuvholmen, Oslo on Sarurday afternoon

This afternoon we went down to Aker Brygge and after a short pitstop at Albert Bistro continued over the bridge to Tjuvholmen. At Astrup Fearnley Art Museum you find this beach where sunbathing people can dive into the water to cool down from the city heat.
 Further out in the fjord you may take a swim from the Tjuvholmen Sjøbad and have a closer look to the islands outside the city.
On the western part of Tjuvholmen this condo at Fru Kroghs Brygge with exclusive apartments are nearly finished. Layouts for apartments in "house 1" can be found here.
Our Afternoon stroll around Tjuvholmen ended fronting the huge painting by Pushwagner before we walked over the second bridge bringing us back to Aker Brygge and Bryggetorvet. The best Mussels in the city can be yours at Cafe Sorgenfri.
Take a stroll yourself and get nice experiences of the new Fjord City in the Capital of Norway.

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