Wednesday, August 20

Day 14 - Feria de Malaga

 A very hot day when we participated in the "Feria de Malaga" today. The history of the festival is copied from the official website:
The summer festivities in the city have their roots in the commemoration of Málaga's incorporation into the Castilian crown by the Catholic Monarchs who made their triumphal entrance into the city on 19 August 1487. In 1491, coinciding with the religious celebrations of the Cathedral Council, the Municipal Town Council decreed popular festivities were to be established. It was in 1887 with the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the Catholic Monarchs’ entrance into Málaga that these festivities regained their original splendour. Málaga’s August Fair has reached us as an expansive, cosmopolitan and international Grand Summer Fair that illustrates the capital's character as the leading tourist area in Europe, and the City of Málaga as the nerve centre of the Costa del Sol and its Metropolitan Area. 
Some of the main events include the inauguration of the fair accompanied by a firework show, the Romería (pilgrimage) where horseback riders, horse-drawn carriages and people on foot accompany the bearer of the fair standard to the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Victoria, the fair in the city centre, where you can savour wine and tapas while listening to music all along the ancient streets of Málaga and the Fairground offering marquees, live music and fair attractions for the enjoyment of visitors. If you need a guide for the Málaga Fair, you can see our suggestions for a day there or consult the official programme.

In the main shopping street we were welcomed by these great flowers.
At our favourite bodega "El Pimpi! everything was covered in red, and in the shopping stands all over the city these paper flowers could be found.

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