Friday, August 8

Day 2 - Malaga City

An ordinary Friday at Costa del Sol, visiting Malaga City
 First photo covers the shopping street Calle Marq. de Larios, with the sun shields hanging above.
 Visiting Museo Carmen Thyssen today gave us an intriguing knowledge of the Spanish painter Dario de Regoyos (1857 - 1913) the leading Spanish representative of Impressionism.
 At lunchtime our favourite restaurant La Plaza at Plaza de Mercedes delivered the best Classic Burger in the City. Try it.
Relaxing at El Pimpi is also a traditional pitstop in Malaga. The waitress accepted to be photographed when she saw the graphic by Dagfinn Knutsen "Streng" which we have in our guest room bach home. She agreed that she could have been the model for that.


Anonymous said...

Hei og hola!
Kjekt å se at dåkke lika dåkke :-D

Anonymous said...

Besos Bente