Saturday, August 30

Day 24 - Departure day

Today we are leaving Fuengirola for this time. It has been lovely and I recommend everybody to try to make a family gathering in safe condition before it is too late. The memories will stay with us forever.

We started to talk about such a holiday several years ago. Would it be possible, could we afford it. Would our family members like it, Where to go. When to go. Etc.

There is always something that can make things difficult. Jobs, schools, ages, sickness, other plans and interest etc., but without trying you may have lost an opportunity forever.

This photo will for me be the image of what we wanted and what we achieved.
5 grandchildren between 3 and 11 from UK and Norway gathered together for the possibilities of having fun.. and we know they had fun.

We have learned new things about our family members and ourselves during this holiday, but we are very happy doing it and will try it again sometimes in the future. Planning for that has not started.
On this departure day we will only think back on this gatherings positive results and carry them in our hearts forever, Thank you Mari, Henrik, Helene, Hedda and Maja, plus Trine, David, Rikke and Tor Marius for what you have given us.

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Sophie said...

Så hyggelig, how nice :) Godt eksempel for oss andre, good example for us :)