Wednesday, March 4

Death postponed in 17 years - so far

Today it is 17 years since some relatives said YES to Organ Donation and postponed my death by 6210 days so far.
THANKS for giving me a new heart and a new kidney.

A lot of other diagnosis have been put on my body during all these years, and most of them have some relation to the side effects of medication linked to the transplantation.
However, once again I say: "The alternative has been much more problematic"

In addition to the donor I have to thank my wife for all the help and support throughout these years. Without her I definitely can say that my life had been shorter. Even today she is acting as a nurse helping me to heal the wound beds on my thighs after last challenge with necrotising fasciitis.

However, time for walking along the beaches at Costa del Sol, and participating in all nice activities under the Mediterranean sol are part of taking care of the Gift for Life given 17 years ago.

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Anonymous said...

Gratulerer av hele mitt nye hjerte!