Sunday, March 15

Fuengirola Myramar - our home in wintertimes

Some people from the northern hemisphere love to travel to southern Spain in the darkest and coldest part of the year. From Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britten and Holland people come together in the months from October to April.
We are not a group that do every things together, but we stay at our favourite appartement hotel in shorter or longer periodes. Some stay half a year, others five to eight weeks during the autumn and/or when the snow and ice make it difficult to stay up north and the spring start its blossom down here.
We all feel that we have a second home here at Costa del Sol.
 The photo above is taken during the Management Luncheon which dir Carlos arrange before some of the guests start returning up north.
On this photo Carlos is together with Lillian (a friend from Lørenskog and Trysil in Norway) and my wife (to the right)

Today the rain is helping the flowers to grow, and the temperature is around 15 degree but the sun has been wonderful during our first fortnight this spring, and we know it will return with its warm rays for the next four weeks:

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