Thursday, March 26

The Sunshine Boys, chilly weather and beer festival

As usual the meeting between Audun and myself has taken place at Costa del Sol. Over a drink or a cup of coffee (and today also a Croissant) we can check out present health conditions and how it is for us heart transplant people to stay weeks and months down here in southern Spain.
We love it.
The chilly weather is documented on the photo above, and even with the open fire at Gali Gali.
We have now been waiting for the sunny and warm weather to be as El Tiempo has promised for several days, and now it is promised again from tomorrow, and the whole Semana Santa plus the remaining days for our stay this spring. We hope the weather forecast for Andalusia can be trusted.
It is spring and even the holy week or Easter coming up, but at the beach it looks like October Festival in southern Germany. Large mugs are ready for those who want to drink beer in one litre glasses. I really do not know why, but am sure that I have to taste it in the coming days.

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