Wednesday, March 23

A day in the sun

The temperature in Spain the last week has not been very high. Between 14 and 18. And when we have a chilly wind from the north we are very much dependant of good clothing. The sun is however always present at the Costa del Sol and the photo above shows how nice the cost look like when we are out walking.
The landmark in Los Boliches (the Peseta Sculpture) has been presented a lot of times in this blog. So also this spring. We walked from Torreblanca to Myramar this time and had to stop for a photo just here.
Another pitstop is at the harbour area where small restaurants can serve you food and drinks while the fish are competing with the boats  for free water space.
Back home at the hotel friends from Holland and Norway can gather together and enjoy a drink at the terrace .
When the sun is setting the blankets are good to keep the chilli wind away from the legs. Just like we experience at restaurants in Norway early springtime.

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