Wednesday, March 30

Food at Costa del Sol

Sometimes we have presented some of the dishes we get at restaurants here in Fuengirola. In this blog I will give you a summery of some of the lunch/dinner dishes we have had during our first five weeks this spring.
The national dish "Paella" is well known, but this paella for two served at La Farola was a masterpiece
 The tapa "Salmon con salsa naranja" at La Cepa is also given a star in my book. In addition to the fish, orange sause and caviar, we got a fried apple with prawns and cherry tomatoes.
When you feel for a real sirloin beef filet this one at La Farola can absolutely be recommended.
 At Bodega Charolais this great T-bone steak (or was it a Rib steak) was fantastic in taste, but maybe a little too large for a small lunch.
The Leg of Lanb at La Farola has probably been presented earlier, but since Easter just has ended this fantastic dish deserve another presentation. Large, but why not eat as much as you want and feel happy.

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