Wednesday, March 2

A day in Malaga city

 Our first visit to Malaga city on this long stay at Costa delSol. I would not think it is possible to post any new information or photos from Malaga after all our visits, but today´s neighbour table at restaurant Los Gatos was so impressive that I could put it in here.
 Between restaurant El Pimpi and the Picasso Museum this wall also har do be included in my blog
When relaxing at El Pimpi we received a sad text message from my sister Brit (third from left copied from
She and 6 other mature women were on a tracking tour towards Kilimanjaro in Africa. At 5300 meter above sea level she had to cancel her ascension  due to problems with one of her eyes and return to lower lever for medical help. Her dream of reaching the summit did not come true this time.


Brit has informed on FB that her condition is much better and that she participate today in the planned Safari together with her friends today.

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