Saturday, November 19

A different Malaga day (almost)

In DN.NO on November 15th you could read about the best tapas in Malaga.
We had to check it out and went on a different tour through Malaga city yesterday.

The first tapas bar "Gorki" was closed due to renovation. (see you next time)

Because we were a little too early "Taberna Uvedoble" was closed too, but we returned later in the afternoon and can add that the style was too modern for us and the prizes too high for the small tapas.

 Next visit was at "Meson Cortijo de Pepe" ( see photos) and here we join DN.NO in the recommendation. The different tapas looked great in the food area and those we tasted were very good at a exceptionally low prize.
 The decoration behind the bar was also nice and available if cured Ham was your choice.

The next tapas bar "Meson de Cervantes" was also closed but would be open in the evening.

 We therefor looked around in the area, and found Teatro Cervantes where the Tapa in a small bar was priced to 1 Euro and tasted great.
 When walking around in Malaga never forget to look up, and walk through narrow streets.
Much beauty can be found on the houses, and the shadow on the ground makes it even more lovely
The Christmas decorations are also in place and can be seen without lights in the sunshine

I said this visit to Malaga was a little different. No cafe with Croissant, no shopping and no normal tourist walk to El Pimpi.

But one thing cannot be left out. Our regular visit to Meson Iberico

The owner and his family has driven this tapas-par for many, many years. We are normally the only non spanish people in the bar and hopefully we will be so for many years. Our secret place to end every visit to Malaga City

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ArneA said...

Jose Luis Zorilla opened the bar in 1998 :)