Tuesday, November 8

Mijas Pueblo

 Today we decided to have lunch at the white city "Mijas Pueblo". Due to the maintenance of some of the streets, no horse activity could be observed. The typical Mijas horse steps were therefor not noticed and the area free of leftovers from the horses.
 At the mail square people were gathering around the restaurant tables. The chilly wind at Fuengirola center had disappeared and the sun was shining warm and cosy at the main square
 At the vantage point, where you can see almost to Africa, the beauty of the Mediterranean
Sea behind Carvajal area tells that the summer (?) is still here.
 Mijar Pueblo is a village with many stair and "up and down" streets. I do my best to climb up from the main square to the plateau above.
Well up, the narrow street can bring you further up. Some years ago we climbed these hills and had lunch close to the road to Coin, but nowadays we are satisfied with a glass of wine at the beginning of the hill.

At last an image of the view southwest of Fuengirola withe the horizon towards Mijas Costa.

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Anonymous said...

Tullen, you stayed on my favorite spot in Mijas. Wonderful place. They have modernised it very well. Thank you for the pictures. Feel a little bit homesick.