Sunday, November 13

Bioparc Fuengirola

After 7 years we decided that it was time to visit the Bioparc here in Fuengirola. Many people have told us about this spectacular Zoo, and today with clouds on the sky we walked to see these animals from all over the world.
First we arrived to Madagascar:

The Nile Crocodile did not like me, but I was in acceptable distance.

From Southeast Asia:

Python Snakes in beautiful colours
Sumatran Tigers
and a False Gavial (?)

From India-pacific:
 A Komodo Dragon (Winter)
 A panther Camaleón
A Galapagos Giant Rhinocero

All the other animals like Lemurs, Flamingos, Pygmy Hippo, Chimpanzee, Gorillas, Orangutangs and Golden-Cheeked Gibbons are there too with many other species.
An interesting afternoon which can be highly recommended.

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