Friday, November 25

This week has been cold

This week started with  heavy rain on Monday so the normal beautiful images had to ve replaced by a very wet video. This is the second time in 7 years down her we had to use a taxi to come home.
But as they say here in Spain "aqua es vida" and the flowers love the gift from heaven.

One of the activities we decide to do although the weather has turned into "winter-time", is to make our stroll from Torremolinos to Benalmadena with lunch at our favourite restaurant Pinocho.
 This is Carihuela Beach with Malaga city in the background and a calm Mediterranean
and yesterday´s special at Pinocho was lobster with pasta. Delicioso

 From Pinocho to Villa BilBil where we took the bus back to Fuengirola you see that the weather changed from blue sky in the north to grey and rainy clouds further southwest.
We decided to make another pit stop at Buba Bar and Cafe Colon before we could walk the remaining kms back to Myramar in dry weather waiting for Magnus Carlsen to start playing the 10th game of  the World championship in Chess 2016 (which he won) against Sergej Karjakin.
You see that the crowd of tourists have diminished during the last week or stayed home because the weather. For us it is important to exercise daily and be active and happy for the long stay periode here in Andalusia, Malaga, Fuengirola oeste etc..

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