Saturday, October 25

Urban Life - Saturday activities.

This painting made by Terje Brofoss (now Hariton Pushwagner ) can be a logo of the ordinary Saturday in Oslo. It is called Traffic, available for buying at the Gallery (see under) and therefore the BMW parked in our neighbor street also is relevant.
That the owner is Roald, our downstair neighbor for more than 25 years, now is moving out and finds his new home together with Knut at Nordstrand is also part of the urban life. Nevertheless they shall have all the thanks for the cooperation and friendliness throughout these years. Take a ride in your car and call if you want some gossip from the best west.
The main purpose of our down town stroll today was the opening of the Autumn Exhibition at gallery Kaare Berntsen. Thore Heramb is more and more represented at these exhibitions.
In addition to the fantastic paintings shown, the opening always have a cultural activity. This fall the Valkyrien Allstar played and entertained us with their wonderful music. Great.

On our way to Cafe Christiania, the Book Market at Karl Johan also gave us music and entertainment.


Pernille said...

Det kan godt være at vi har masse natur her oppe. Men du verden så gøy dere har det der nede. Masse liv og ting som skjer. Hærligt!

Du den BMV'en skulle jeg gjerne ha testa;)

ANNA-LYS said...

Hello Urban Cowboy ;-)

Saturdays are lovely, and so are You and Your wife!

(( klem ))