Thursday, January 22

Male or female - flippancy or facts

The headline could open for a variety of reflections linked to the possibility that my donor perhaps was a female person or vice versa. However, I will limit myself to drinking habit, and give some of you a chance to evaluate these figures compared to your own life, male or female.
Would you join "Thank God I am a man" or are you still proud of being part of the "opposite" sex.


Anemone said...

I mitt neste liv, om det da finnes noe slikt, da vil jeg være mann ja. Gud så enkelt!!

Jazz said...

I love this... We're so much more complicated than you. In my case though, you can stop just before the ring.The kids, the dog and the goldfish never really did it for me.

RuneE said...

For meg ser det ut for at kvinnene har det mest interessante liv.

Anemone said...

Til opplysning er du den kjekkeste
"skurken" JEG VET OM !!!