Wednesday, January 28

Mr. Behn and Tulips for the royal family

I have called this painting "Trist som fan"

The husband of Princess Märtha Louise of Norway , mr. Behn, should normally not be worth a post in my blog. But because he has started a campaign to destroy (or why else) the Norwegian people´s believes in our governing system - Norwegian Monarchy - by overdoing his own marketing campaign for the upcoming book, I feel "sad as hell". Somebody call mr.Behn an unstable cannon, but I have only made a loose button in my painting.
I send yellow (the color associated at times with jealousy, as well as cowardliness. Lastly, it is associated with sensational journalistic practices) tulips to H.M. King Harald and H.M. Queen Sonja that have to live with the clown in their family. Hopefully their son-in-law will understand the damage he is creating, and limit his frustration of only being the princess´ husband to words in his (no read) books.


9na said...

Yepp! Agree! Could not said this better myself...

Anemone said...

:-0 JA!! sender en jeg også.
Typer er jo faan meg ikke helt rett!

RuneE said...

Godt sagt - og send en tilsvarende til de av massemedia som gidder å kaste bort tiden på det våset.

PS Takk for kommentaren - du kan vel være noe bombastisk du også? S & H er ikke død i noen sammenhenger.

Anemone said...

Se så flotte bilder fra Ålesund da!
noe for deg???