Wednesday, October 21

Airport Control

When staying at a hotel close to the Palma d M Airport you almost feel that you are located at the control tower. During the summer months the airport is one of the busiest airports in Europe, and the 3rd busiest in Spain. In 2008 22,832,865 passengers used the airport through almost 200 000 operations.
From our balcony we had a close look to the planes arriving and departing, but when the carriers arrived from the sea we did not hear the noise too much.
From the walk (or cycling) path along the coastline to Palma (ab. 8 km) we had a spectacular view of the planes coming in for landing only a few meters above our heads.
Star Alliance (with Spanair) will still have trafic there although SAS is closing their direct flights from Norway at the end of this month. Pity!
Planning for the "photo of the day" located direct under the estimated landing direction, but
only to miss the moment of vertical shot. I had to turn around for the tail of the carrier seconds before drop down.
Sunset with plane could possible be a title of a painting made by Miro in addition to his usually Woman with bird in the night. He made many of that type of paintings, and the one below (seen upside down compared to the one above) is from Juan Miro Foundation in Barcelona.


Anne said...

Jøss, romantisk ja, med en mann hengende ut gjennom vinduet og fotografere fly, he he Håper nå ikke det var alt for lenge i gangen da Arne :-) men dere ble ikke sjenert av flybråk da??

Anne said...

Nydelig det solnedgangsbildet ditt da, skikkelig bra med flotte farger.

Anonymous said...

mm. cognitively thread