Tuesday, October 6

My world Tuesday

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Part of my every day life is controlling health status and eating long life medication for one, two, three and more reasons. Yesterday I had to visit Rikshospitalet (National Hospital) for controlling blood values, visiting doctores and make plans for the coming three months. Most seems accordance to expectations.
I used the opportunity to get some photos of the hospital with surroundings.

The photo above shows eastern side of the hospital with the beautiful sculpture.The second photo is from the hospital neighborhood with the old building at Gaustad Hospital. The winter is coming closer every day, and report from Norefjell (see HERE and HERE) tell about 15 to 30 cm new snow. The web-camera at Bjorli tells even more.

This was my report to My World on Tuesday, and I look forward to visit yours sites later.

(By the way, on Tuesday I have an appointment with my dentist too.)


Anne said...

Desevrre er nok vinteren på tur ja, og med skrekk i ryggmargen husker jeg dine vinterbilder fra gata fra i fjord sommer, sukk..., send meg en whisky Arne!!!!

Se på den veggen da mann!!!

LadyFi said...

What gorgeous red leaves! Autumn is already here in Sweden, with snow in the far north too! Minus temps here in Stockholm, where I live.

Louise said...

First--all that stuff at the hospital is WAY better than 10 minutes in a dentist's chair. Poor you!

Love these photos. I visited Norway once. I was taken by the statues everywhere. I can't remember the name of the small town I visited (I want to say "Tonsdag", but I'm really not sure), and there were statues all over the place. Yours are terrific, as are the vines on the building!

chrome3d said...

Just brilliant red vines on that wall. Norwgians are so good with public statues. They are all over the place! Have a good time at the dentist, if that is possible!:-)

Married to Singaporean said...

I like the 2nd photo.

Vita Stunder said...

Underbart vackra bilder!!
Färger som sprakar och vackra kvinnor :)

Ha en fin kväll!

J Bar said...

Great shots on your blog.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Judy said...

i really love the red vines all over the building!!
the stautes are so interesting - very different from anything i have seen here in canada