Friday, October 2

At last, Cottage season over.

Cottage season over - PERIOD.Today we cut down the perennial plants and covered the balcony openings with plastics. Now the nature can take over with wind, rain, cold and snow although the lawn is still green and the sun is giving warm and healthy beams. We will look forward to the early spring when rhubarb again will show up and the new generation of flowers appear through the melting snow.The end of season made un have a unplanned or random lunch at Cafe Cristiania with a perfect white wine. Try it.For those of you not being satisfied with your their local weather, the rumors tell that on Saturday and during next week, we here in south east Norway will experience lot of rainfall. That is why I today strolled down the neighborhood streets, visited fru Burum´s and felt happy.
Have a nice weekend al over the world.


RuneE said...

Det glasset burde absolutt holde - spesielt dersom det er mer igjen pÄ flasken!!

Regina, Philippines said...

Nice shots Anne.