Thursday, October 29

Thursday Walk - Sognsvann around twice

Sometimes we move our daily exercise from the urban cobblestone streets down town to the gravel tracks around the beautiful lake "Sognsvann" where people from all part of Oslo find possibilities for recreation and exercise. Walking and jogging, in addition to bathing during summertimes, are preferred activities.
The bathing jetty is empty today and the hoarfrost shows that only dogs have left their footprints.
A glimpse of light comes through the forrest but no shortcuts are preferred because a real training session is our target.
My heading photo is also from the tour of today.


Anne said...

Godvær ser jeg, men du,må advare deg litt..., lånte deg litt sjø...

9na said...

Vakre bilder, vakkert vær i dag. Vær glad du er vaksinert, denne influensaen er tøff... Hilsen en som ligger horisontalt.