Tuesday, November 10

The Berlin Wall 1966, 1989 and 2009

(photo Scanpix)
Yesterday Europe and the many places around the world celebrated the Fall of the Berlin Wall 20 years ago. A symbolic Wall of Domino Bricks fell down bringing memories back to the period prior to the opening November 9th 1989.
I had my first visit to Berlin in 1966 together with friends from my college. The photo above is taken at the same position as the first one in front of the Brandenburger Gate on the western side of the Wall of Shame.
At Checkpoint Charlie we could watch the guards with guns and dogs controlling the border and most of the daily life of people in East Berlin.
We had also the opportunity to enter East Berlin and walk down Unter den Linden all the way to Alexander Platz and back over the bridges.
A young editor of this blog can be seen to the left in front of Berlin Cathedral at the Museum Island.

Yesterday night I also watched a movie from 2006 Das Leben der Anderen, and I highly recommend the movie to all my readers.

Hopefully the Wall of Shame on Palestinian land soon will meet it´s same destiny as the one in Berlin.


RuneE said...

You have my full support!

Anne said...

Å trøstes min Arne, dette var utrolig kjekke bilder å se. Ikke minst for å se hvordan det har forandret seg de siste åra, (ja, ja kles trendene/motene også, he he ja, og hårsveisen) .

Takker for film tips, det er notert og blir anskaffet via nettet om jeg finner den.

Kaldt til deg?? nesten - 10 her nå :-( og ikke motivert for vinter nei, fortsatt ikke.