Thursday, November 5

On the run again

Then it is due once more. Winter is running.
The very first snow autumn 2009 has landed in the streets outside my windows.
This year it is only smal quantities, and it is only on parked cars we can find proof of the coming winter. The ground is still too warm to let it stay. Normally the first snow creates caos.
The first snowfall last year (October 27.) looked like this.
However, with a temperatur just above zero C, the breeze around 7 m/s, and the swine flu all over, it is time to put on some clothing that keeps you warm, or stay in bed with toddies.


Anne said...

ER vi motivert??? igjen?? NEI!!! herregud, tanken gir meg bare helt fnatt mann... Går i hi ved peisen med en flaske rødvin, naken på det skinnet...

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