Saturday, November 28

Recharged viril friends and Statoil Art Award 2009

When downsizing active employment you can find room for regular gathering with friends. So has four of my old friends done for a while, and this photo is taken at VAD in Sykkylven this week.
The paintings on the wall are by Eldar Tandstad.
These viril grown up men seem to have survived their age with pride. Maybe the figure below can explain where men get their strength from, and why women feel drained of energy now and ......
At least, one possible explanation ...
However, yesterday night we went down town to have a look at the Christmas Market at the City Hall Square. Lots of lights, but nothing to hunger for.
The Christmas market visit was as every year, only a break on our way from fru Burum´s Friday drink to the Statoil Art Award 2009.
The four nominated artists: Ida Ekblad, Marius Eng, Anawana Haloba and Lars Laumann and their chosen works, were presented by Statoil´s senior vise president HR Jens. R. Jensen, an old colleague.
The award winner will be announced on Wednesday, December 9th. I know my favorite.

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RuneE said...

Jeg ville jo trodd at dine egne bilder kunne gjort det bra her!