Thursday, April 22

Norway´s Prime Minister takes a stand for Apple / Mac

The Norwegian Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg has as many of his colleagues in the Government taken a stand for new technology. We all know that our Defense Minister Grete Faremo came from a position as Director of legal and corporate affairs, Microsoft Norway. Now Apple has caught an even higher position in the Government.
In an interview on Norwegian TV he called Apple´s new product iPad fantastic.
"- I've been very happy to try me on the iPad which is a great new technological means, " Stoltenberg said with a smile.
"- So I'm looking forward to spending more"(time with iPad), he added.
Welcome to the family Mr. Prime Minister.

On the other hand:
the Norwegian Broadcasting is trying to hide that they also have stated to use Mac. Trying to camouflage that they are using MacBook Pro in front of hundreds of thousands viewers every day, they have put a round pad to cover the Apple/Mac logo.
But we, family members, know what is behind the white dot.

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Anne said...

Skjønner jeg henger litt etter både når det gjelder dette og hint...