Friday, April 9

Old Photos - Children are growing up

In searching for nice memories through old Paper-photos I found some images showing part of the history of my two daughters.
First you see the two girls together with their father (extremely sun burned and exposed for future skin cancer) from a vacation at Alcudia Mallorca, Spain in the middle of 1980s.
It was at that time that coconut oil was used to get the right tanning look.
However, we added another member to the family in the late 80s. A champagne colored male backyard (or frontyard here at Frogner) cat filled our lives for many years. This photo of young Rikke and Sokrates when he was almost a kitten, is another example of the fact that time is running faster and faster. Today Rikke herself is a parent of Maja.The next photo shows Rikke and Trine (now mother of Helene, Henrik and Hedda) performing a house concert for other members of the family in the beginning of the 90s. They were very good with their voices and instruments at their age, and eager in improving their skills. Based upon present status of attitude, I am sure they will inspire their own children in musical development.
Tullen was excellent with the piano chords and the blog-editor himself (here at age 11) played the trombone in primary school orchestra.

Old photos recall old memories - documenting the development of your children, but also unfortunately visualize that we are getting older ourselves.


9na said...

Hyggelige bilder, Arne, takk for titten.

Anne said...

Jøsses, vært ung en gang du å???

he he