Tuesday, April 20

Recirculation at street level

The first photo in this post shows the street workers around the corner who have found their niche for the flee market at Bogstadveien, Oslo. Recirculation of bricks or paving stones from the digging of district heating ditches.On Saturday 24th the Street Market in Bogstadveien, Oslo is once more open for the spring festival. The heavy trafic in the busy shopping street will be free of any cars or trams.A lot of people will gather around the overloaded tables and party tents searching for something that they forgot to buy when is was at full prizes in the shops. 50 to 70 % discount, but no bargaining. Almost everything can be found, and supporters of their new favorite football club in Oslo, Aafk, can get the orange and blue colors for acceptable prizes.
Another recirculation activity, normally taking place at schools this part of the year, is the flee markets. This photo is from the glass department at Solvang last year. Watch up for hunting container girls.

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