Sunday, April 18

Two different water experiences Saturday night

Saturday night I received a photo and a YouTube-video link with references to the wet element. First a photo from AnneKath showing that Asbjørn has started the outdoor bathing activity although the rain and soft snow (together with volcano ashes?) is coming from above. The water temperatur in the jacuzzi is about 40 deg. and the red wine is good for the internal body temp, so it feels great as you can see.
I do believe that no dangerous aliens was attacking Asbjørn in the fresh water.
On the other side of the globe however, in New Zealand, Victor Huang was diving off the coast of Wellington when an Octopus suddenly appeared from the seaweed. The diver was shocked because he thought the squid was attacking him. The Octopus however, was more interested in Huang´s shiny and brand new Panasonic Lumix camera.

See the intriguing YouTube video when his camera was stolen from him by the Octopus who swam away while it was recording.

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Anne said...

Jøss, trodde først det var Marie jeg gitt :-)) for hun kjøpte en silk sydvest når vi var i Bergen!!

Sur, deppa og uttafor i dag huldra, snø = skitt!!!!!!!!!!

Blir gal av det meste!!