Monday, April 12

Photos from Wales

Lucky me.
When I don´t have any interesting local text and photos to present, my family in Wales send me some images ready to be posted.The first shows Hedda without her needed Prong ( The plastic tubes inserted into her nostrils to provide a measured increased supply of oxygen). Hedda Emilie is now only one week short compared to a standart pregnancy period, and has already lived her own life for twelve weeks.
Helene, having fun when swinging, is heading for her seventh birthday this summer,
while Henrik Isak, two and a half year, is sitting in their garden drawing with his color pencils. May be there will be a "bestefar"-letter in my postbox later this week.

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Anne said...

Å næmmen sjå :-))) Skal si hun har vokst og kommer seg stort Arne :-) Våken er hun også, så bra, nå ble jeg hoppende glad!!