Thursday, June 24

The day after, and tomorrow a new challenge

Today it is "St. Hans" and the weather is ready for celebration.
In Spain they celebrate the San Juan Night and during last night young people was gathering around bonfires and partying at the beaches.
However, celebrating in the darkness of the night is one thing. What we could see on our morning exercice today was a complete different thing. Remains, trash and garbage all over. Environmental concern has a double face. You act when others can see you. In the dark you just leave the trash. Improvement please!!
In Ålesund they still are building the "Slinning bonfire" for the local celebration of mid-summer the coming weekend. I have "stolen" two photos from Staale Wattø´s photoserie about the coming World record: > 40 meter high.Read Sunnmørsposten for the result later this week.

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mrsnesbitt said...

So true about the double standards - environmental campaigners who leave the rubbish -