Tuesday, June 29

Malaga, an Exciting city

Ruven Afanador´s exhibition "Mil Besos" (thousand kisses) of great photos in Paseo del Parque in the heart of Malaga Andalusia, should be a reason to visit the town whatsoever.
Malaga is an exiting city, with old and modern environment.At noon the temperature outside the tunnel under the Alcazaba castle and Castillo de Gibralfaro was as shown on the photo: + 26C. Later that day the heat increased.In the main shopping street Marques de Larios they have found a way to handle the heat. By covering the opening between the shops and beautiful buildings with sails the reduction of the sun beams became satisfactory. We also felt a gentle breeze going through the street.At Plaza de Toros the young Toreros (novilleros) are training with their Muletas. Some of the persons are pretending to be a bull with long horns, ( I was not taken as a bull!) but most of the training is how to dance around with the red cape.
The red color of the muleta is actually unnecessary, though, as bulls are dichromatic, meaning neither the cape nor the muleta color can be accurately discerned by the bull. The color is retained merely for tradition.The colors of the Can-Can dancers dresses at the night show are however carefully chosen by layout designers to improve the visual effect of speed and rythm . The Can-Can achieved popularity in music halls, where it was danced by groups of women in choreographed routines. This style was imported into France in the 1920s for the benefit of tourists, and the French Can-Can was born—a highly choreographed routine lasting ten minutes or more, with the opportunity for individuals to display their "specialities". The main moves are the high kick or battement, the rond de jambe (quick rotary movement of lower leg with knee raised and skirt held up), the port d'armes (turning on one leg, while grasping the other leg by the ankle and holding it almost vertical), the cartwheel and the grand ├ęcart (the flying or jump splits).To night we will visit a Flamenco show, and look forward to see if this performance in any way can compete with Ruven Afnador´s images.

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