Wednesday, June 16

Princess Hedda Emilie and some other kids

The observant visitor may have noticed the development of our youngest grandchildren through a continuously updating of photos on the right side of my blog. Today "Princess Hedda Emilie" is presented in a new dress.

Yesterday night we met two boys from Vestby in Norway here at the hotel. Cannot wait until we receive photos from our own children´s holidays with their kids playing.
Hopefully the colors were easy to remove before bedtime. If not change of linnen must be prioritized in their apartment.


9na said...

Ååå det ser ut som en fin ferie for store og små! Og Hedda Emilie er nydelig!

Anne said...

Ja ja, en skal tidlig krøkes som VM tilskuer skal bli :-)

Og Hedda, sukk, så det med en eneste gang, som en liten dukke jo.
Maja, søt hun å da :-)

H. Kids said...

These kids have done a very beautiful painting on their face. I also want to do the same.