Friday, June 4

Web Group Solvang 4 in action

Two weeks ago I posted a blog about my activity as member of the working group (Helge, Sjur, Lars and Arne) preparing for and producing the new Homepage for Solvang 4
Yesterday we met again and published our first version of the website.

Solvang Gardens section 4 was started in 1930 and currently consists of 93 plots.
Are you one of those who enjoy being with people and find satisfaction in taking part in social community activities? Are you also among those that can give up "daily luxury" (for a short time) and experience the charm and joy of living in some tiny square feet? (< 40sqm) At top of Solvang field above Nordberg Road, you will find Solvang 4, with 93 small, cozy cabins surrounded by green lawns, fruit trees, berry bushes and kitchen gardens.
In April, the plots wake up from winter rest and the above painting is my expression of Tullarbo in June / July / August.

People of all ages, from singles to families with children, are eager to plan the year's activities and to meet "neighbors" from before the snow has gone and all the way between April and October.They can hardly wait to get started with the planting of new flowers or other plants. It is a place for green fingers in urban life.


RuneE said...

just keep on painting and we'll come and watch :-)

Anne said...

For et hærlig samhold!! og for en enorm ide Arne!! tøft :-) likte det gamle bildet der godt, på hjemmesiden, stilig.

9na said...

Hyggelig med en gjeng som gjør ting sammen.