Friday, September 25

The conquest of a Norwegian Mountain

Wednesday this week we planned to conquer the summit, Høgevarde, elevation 1459m (4787 ft) known for its vast view (estimated 40,000 km²) over eastern Norway. The sunrise at 6.25 am gave no indication of weather condition, but the dark heaven yesterday night indicated strong wind at the Norefjell Mountain Range.
Leaving the modern cottage (thanks to cousin Kittan and family for their hospitality) as posted earlier in August we took the car up to Gulsviksseteren - with the beautiful of old houses,and started climbing. The hillside was steep, and we felt climbing a staircase, almost 30% right up.
However, nature in full Autumn blooming gave some confort against short breath and pain in leg muscles.
I have learned not to aim for the summit, only for the next step, tall stone, hillside or imaginative resting places. Take one step at the time. Look at the total distance as intervals and accept there is no shame to stop and turn back. Know your own strength. Remember you have a simultaneous heart and kidney transplantation history, total AV-block and are 100% dependent of a two-chamber continuous pacing pacemaker.The view from my ending point towards the west and Hallingdal is magnificent.Due to the strong wind, fatigue and accepting my limitations, my tour stopped at a plateau (1420m) above the Høgevarde Mountain Cottage - run by The Norwegian Tracking Assosiation But Tullen did it. She reached the Summit - 1459m.and she celebrated as every other "conquestadores."
If you are interested in other photos from our Mountain holiday, go to My Gallery.


Gaelyn said...

What a gorgeous place to hike. Loving the fall colors, and the sod house. It's good to know your limitations. I always hike just one step at a time. Excellent captures.

Anne said...

Åhælle dussan Arne, nå har du overgått deg selv!!! helmax Egon

Lorac said...

What an awesome tale! Good for you , hiking this way!

eileeninmd said...

Wonderful series of photos! I enjoyed all of them. Thanks for sharing your skywatch and lovely scenery.

RuneE said...

Fjell og Sæterliv er bra ut. Det gjør jeg for lite av.

Jeg er fortsatt i Bloggland, men endringer skjer. Bevisste og ubevisste. Det mest bevisste er å prøve å lære seg fotografering - og å bruke det best mulig.

maiaT said...

So many wonderful photos and scenery, it was great pleasure to watch them.

Melusine said...

Fantastiske bilder fra fjellet!
Særlig godt likte jeg det tredje :)

Anonymous said...

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