Tuesday, December 28

Back in Norway for New Year celebration

A lovely Christmas in Glamorgan is over, and in spite of the heavy traffic problems both in air (Heathrow) and on roads in South West England and Wales, seeing and playing with grandchildren is something to save in our hearts for the months to come.
Hedda Emilie is growing and experiences more or less the same health challenges as the two older siblings and other premature born children. She is however "stronger" at this age than the two others compared to their development.
Henrik is a nice and funny boy. Full of energy and always ready for a quarrel and fight with his older sister when they play together. He loves "male"-toys, and that is something new for us having only girls to compare a child´s development to.
Helene is almost seven and a half and reads books all the time. "Bestefar" gave her the Jostein Gaarder book Sophie´s World for Christmas.  The book is both a novel and a basic guide to philosophy. Hopefully her father will get many questions within his profession as a political philosopher, and I wait for the mails about the interpretation of different questions created based on the book. Helene´s great great grandmother´s name was also Sofie.
To the Cymru family, here busy with christmas gifts, thanks for this few days. Look forward to see you soon again. Hopefully in Norway.


Anne said...

Velkommen hjem Arne :-)
Men tviler ikke et sekund at dere har hatt det kjekt der dere kommer fra. Jul med barnebarn, kan det bli lysere :-)

RuneE said...

Velkommen tilbake - ute bra etc. :-)

PS Du har delvis rett. Prøv denne :-)

9na said...

Takk for koselige julebilder... Veldig hyggelig å se hvordan dere koste dere :)