Friday, December 17

Memories from 1957 - Oslo boys on Class trip to Ålesund

Sometime you discover that the world is small, and even smaller when we talk about our own country.
One of my Pubmates at fru Burums: Tore Steen, told me some times ago that he and his classmates went on a visit to my birthplace, Ålesund, in February 1957.
Today I got some pages from his scrapbook almost 54 years ago.

The event was covered in the local newspaper "Sunnmørsposten" and tells mainy that instead of going to Copenhagen, Denmark the seventh graders from Nordstrand School in Oslo, decided to experience the Herring fishing outside Ålesund. They had saved money from 4th grade and estimated that they would spend between 120 to 130 nok (20 $) during the trip. "This is the best way to use my savings" Tore told the newspaper in 1957, and still means the memories gave the best "return of investment"
The other boys on the faximile above is Jan Riise and Dag Edler.
In 1957 the road between Åndalsnes (train Station) and Ålesund was not good enough for bus-trafic, and the boys had to use a boat (Romsdal) on the voyage, The weather was not good, and the 23 kids from Oslo were green in their faces when arriving Ålesund.
However, we need strong experiences to make happenings worth to remember after 54 years. Maybe "Sunmørsposten" could arrange a reunion trip for the boys next year or in February 2012 when it is 55 years anivercity for the chioce of Ålesund instead of Copenhagen.
To see (and read) the old newspaper article and the photos from Tore´s scrapbook, click on the photos to ger them larger.

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Anne said...

Når man blir eldre får man stadig mer fortid og leve i, og tankene vandrer nok bak i tid inimellom ja. Faktisk er det så jeg er der litt jeg også Arne, og jeg har tippa så vidt 40..., men ineressant å lese. Lengter du ikke tilbake til den byen, Oslogutt som nå nå har blitt...

Flott lørdagskveld til deg, og hils Frua med stor F :-)