Thursday, December 9

Christmas in Sweden

We have been in Sweden. Not because we only want to save money before Christmas but because we normally take this trip over the border once a month for good wine, excellent food and other supplies to almost 50 % of the costs in Norway. The currency itself gives us more than 10% and when a bottle of Brolio Chianti Classico costs 115 sek in Strømstad compared to 155 nok here, your savings can be large. But be aware of continuous toll control at the Svinesund border.
However, the Christmas trees at Nordby was not what we expected. But maybe the Swedes have taken allergy challenges and forest savings seriously, removed all pine-bugs from the air-con systems and renewed the season decorations like they have done at Tjuvholmen here i Oslo.

We drop the Chr-tree this year completely.

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9na said...

likte dette treet også jeg da