Wednesday, December 15

Quality improvement in painting too

This year I have almost not been painting at all. Mainly I find the reason for that in the fact that I have not been living at my cottage (normally very productive period) but also because the inspiration has been low. Writers talk about writing barriers, and I think the same barriers may occur for painters.

However, a few paintings has been signed and yesterday evening the last Acrylic on Canvas (50x75) painting was finished.
The obvious title must be Costa del Sol presenting lots of memories from our two stays in Andalusia during 2010. We will return in 2011.
I find this painting of higher quality than my absolutely first Acrylic on Paper from 2002 called Dame and Dogs, and with motive from Promenade d´Anglais in Nice.
Between these two paintings there has been almost 300 different paintings coming with my signature, and you may find them at My Gallery.

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RuneE said...

Jeg har ikke gode nok forutsetninger til å bedømme malerier teknisk, men spesielt det første tiltalte meg. Jeg føler forøvrig at jeg snart kommer til å lide av "Blogger's Block"...

PS Vil du skifte medium, er det en fin oversikt over aktuelle speilreflekskamera i "Fotografi" nr 8-10.