Saturday, December 4

Christmas Exhibition, Lunch and Jazz

This Saturday we are going to follow a predesigned plan for a lot of activities.
First shopping and preparing our home for Christmas.
Second participating in the opening at Gallery Kaare Berntsen´s Christmas Exhibition in Munkedamsveien 62A. This event has been a nice gathering for many years. When the gallery is decorated for Christmas and cultural activities are performed, art lovers greets each-other Merry Christmas among spectacular paintings and farmers antiques, we all feel that the season celebration has begun. Tomorrow it is 2nd Sunday in Advent.
Third we have to eat, and although the buffet table probably is not opened any more at Cafe Sorgenfri, the taste of Christmas is reinforced with season food, beer and some Old Opland.
In the Afternoon the drummy Gunnar S. invites to Christmas Jazz at fru Burums. Another tradition that has to be followed up together with other old and new Burum friends.
Was there anybody that believed pensioneers questioned what to fill into the days? Hang on, the life is still swinging.

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