Saturday, February 4

Day 10 - Cold morning but Wine Festival

 This morning we registered 29 degrees C isolation of our kitchen walls. The temp outside was minus 14.6 C and inside before we ignited our fireplace the temp was + 14.3 C. We know that the apartment is from 1887 so there is not much more to expect.  Rather chilly morning, but increasing.
The look of my son-in-law David with a woolen hat can symbolize the winter we have in Oslo now. It is the first time ever that he has to put on protection of his head and ears. He is adapting to our customs.

Later today we will join some of the activities at Aker Brygge and the Oslo Wine Festival. Report from these events may come in a later blogpost. Hopefully the tasting of excellent brands at D/S Louise at 2pm and learning how to mix Aquavit as Cafe Sorgenfri before 5pm, will warm us up.

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RuneE said...

I hope the cold won't make any problems for your recovery :-)