Saturday, February 25

Norwegians have still not discovered Myramar (lucky us?)

This is the forth time we stay here at Myramar for some weeks in the winter / spring season. Still we notice that numbers of Norwegians are few and cannot really understand why the hotel is not more known to travel agencies back home. Maybe we should feel lucky being without the nordic hordes, and be happy that the few couples that stay here on long stay terms are easy to talk and be together with WHEN WE WANT TO.

However, the room prices (two bedroom self catering apartment) are about 250 per night and the services from the personnel are very good. Details can be obtained by entering their home pages or at the Face Book profile

Today we are heading for La Canada Shopping Centre with my Sister and Brother in Law to celebrate their common birthday tomorrow and do some shopping before eating a great lunch together. Tullen needs to maintain her black belt in shopping achieved in Singapore fifteen years ago, and a short break from the hot sunbeams in front of the hotel pool can be positive for the days to come.

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Randi's Tanker said...

Det må jo være veldig tilfredsstillende at det ikke kryr av nordmenn på Myramar! Nyt videre ;-)