Saturday, February 4

Oslo Wine Festival - Wine Testing

 Benjamin Trainer from Gaia Wine and Spirit is a professional marketing fellow regarding his wines, their origins and services. Thanks for the hours at D/S Louise and the great and various tastes you and your people gave us.
 Lots of people gathered around the tables for this annual event. Some more serious than other and the upcoming sommelier at Trattoria Popolare made his notes for his education and recommendations for coming guests and others feeling the pleasure of great wines.
 D/S Louise served some delicious food in addition to the wine, and with a glass of Faustino Primera Gran Reserva I look forward to the weeks in southern Spain coming soon.
The host  at D/S Louise, Atle Minoti, made a short visit behind the tables, and from us to you: Thanks a lot for the Oslo Wine Festival venue. You performed it well this year too.


Anji said...

looks like an interesting event. Was it just Norwegian wines or were there wines from other countries too?

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Anonymous said...

nice opinion. thanks for sharing...

RuneE said...

Rødvin (ved siden av Cognac) er jo noe av det best som ikke hjelper - men kanskje det gjorde det likevel? :-)