Tuesday, February 14

An ordinary Tuesday dinner

Making every day dinner is a regular process for us. We love to go out having dinner at one of our favorite establishments, but normally we have dinner at home. According to the book "Gubbe-Alarm" you know that you are in danger when you think you eat a lot better at home than in restaurants.

In spite of that "Grumpy man alarm" my ordinary Tuesday dinner was put together of
A fresh salad (lettuce, onion, bell pepper, pineapple)
A main course of roasted pork tenderloin with only salt end pepper 
The potato pellets are called apple hazelnuts or "pommes noisette" and fried in the oven. In addition a three pepper sauce made the dish as spicy as required.
Desert with chocolate pudding and custard makes the ending of an ordinary Tuesday dinner.


Anonymous said...

PIANO sjokoladepudding! Prikkeen over i-en!! :-))

Hilsen Bente.

Anne said...

Kan du leies...?

Og ingenting slår Vaniljesausen til Tine punktum

Kjetil Hamre said...

Artige farger i maten