Thursday, November 15

Celebrating 65

On this beautiful day, although lots of turmoil in other parts of Spain and Europe, I celebrated my ordinary day of pension if I not had left DNV as a disable pensioner already 15 years ago.
65 years are a respectable age for normal people. When I have reached this age after the severe heart and kidney failure in 1994 and simultaneous transplantation in 1998, celebration is well deserved.
A good lunch / dinner with my wife at a restaurant in Fuengirola (Charolais) after some hours at the pool was followed up with a drink at Scubie´s Bar (best wi-fi in the harbor) before we strolled back to the Olea Bar at our hotel.
Carmen serving another bottle of Cava (gift from Knut and Lillian) making the celebration perfect.
Thanks to all friends all over the world sending greetings on mail, text, FaceBook or by calling.
Life is still great.

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