Tuesday, November 20

Dinner at Mijas

 Yesterday afternoon and evening we visited Mijas, ( a typically Andalusian white-washed village located at a mountain side about 450 m above mean sea level) and hoped for a drink and possible dinner at the nice restaurant Sierra Mijas above the city. We climbed the hill and all the stairs up to the restaurant, but came 90 minutes too late for entering the restaurant. It closes at 16.00.
The environment surrounding the stairs is however so nice that the tour itself can be recommended.
At the top the view over Mijas and Fuengirola  is great. The near sunset made the light over Mijas red roofs spectacular and the white city really presented itself.
The lights from Fuengirola this evening was also really beautiful, but at the temperature  between eight and nine was really chilly so do not forget your jacket if planning to copy our tour to Mijas

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James Longhorn said...

The views in Mijas are excellent as well as the restaurants and the surrounding area.