Wednesday, November 21

Hand cleaning the pool

A very interesting day.
Handymen have during the day prepared the child pool for next season. Washing the bottom of the pool by hand is not only a hard day´s work, but soon also a hard day´s night. And the large pool is waiting for their energy next week.

The workers also have contact with the world outside through mobile phones is no surprise, but the show must go on. It is not like driving a car when talking, but almost there.
I do not recommend the working position for anybody, and without any deep knowledge of the chemicals they are using, I would say that according to Norwegian labor laws, the work had to be stopped immediately .
After three hours work 25% of the pool were finished. 75% to go.
At five o´clock they are close to 50% of work done.

Hand cleaning process will hopefully give the expected result for Director Carlos.
I am very impressed of how the workers are progressing. I have to make a last photo of the pool before I leave Myramar this time. (Wait for another blogpost).
I am confident that the pool will be to everybody´s satisfaction when we return in February 2013.

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