Saturday, November 24

Departure 2012

 Our 5 weeks have come to an end.
Today we are leaving Myramar Fuengirola director Carlos and his staff, friends on long stay conditions, the apartment, Costa del Sol and all the other Andalusian beautiful places. This flower goes to them all. Muchas gracias.
As yesterday afternoon the temperatures during our stay have been around +18 C all the time. Some days up to +24 C and some chilly nights down to +10 C. Heavy rain some days, but not so much wind. An umbrella has been protection  against the water. The weather forecast today says +21 C in Malaga and probably will the days ahead also be great.
The long term weather forecast for Oslo tells that we can expect cold and snow next weekend. Maybe we return a week too early, but we are looking forward to see our grandchildren presently staying in our flat.
Hedda, Mari, Henrik, Maja and Helene at our kitchen table last night.

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RuneE said...

Alltid hyggelig å skifte stue (håper ikke alle opptøyene i Spania har skapt problemer), men kjekt å komme hjem også. Håper helsen er OK.