Sunday, December 7

Christmas decoration

During Advent houses and offices around the country, and may be all over the western world, are washed and decorated for the Christmas celebration.
Yesterday we had a voluntary cleaning process in our joint house ownership , and we used the work to strengthen the common interests in co-ownership.
Inside our apartment no special decoration has occurred so far, except Christmas flowers and candy at the table. The package with "pinnekjøtt" and christmas gifts for the children in Wales was sent by mail yesterday. This morning the two house-pixies suddenly found their usual place facing us in the sofa.At the balcony fence one important guest are waiting for his christmas porridge, while the angels are singing out their dreams of a White Christmas


Mediterranean kiwi said...

i can see that you love christmas time very much!

RuneE said...

Her kommer all jenten til å klappe!

Ivar Ivrig said...

Tusen hjertelig takk for en varm og hyggelig kommentar Arne. Setter stor pris på den.
Ser du er i full gang med juleforberedelsene. Jeg synes tiden før jul er minst like koselig som julen når den er 3-4 dager gammel.
Jeg håper at det blir skikkelig julestemning med snø og minusgrader. Ha en utmerket advent.

John said...

Her var det flott julestemning :)

Ha en fin uke i byen.

Luz said...

These Christmas ornaments are so cute and adorable.