Thursday, December 11

Home again, but tomorrow :)

Even today the hospital did not manage to get me through the operation. I am home again after being prepared and ready for operation from 6.30 am until 3.05 pm today. Made my entrance to the unit yesterday evening on hospital request, and went through all the pre operational procedures. Did see the handball match making Norway ready for the finals in this year European Championship before falling asleep.

Tonight I am sleeping in my own bed at home, but will knock on the doors at the hospital at 7.10 am because they now have PROMISED me operation from 8.00 am (if no Urgent tx activity has to make a new change in the line tomorrow too).

The only god thing in these delays are that some other persons has gone through liver and kidney transplantations and now can meet the future in a much better condition than if not transplanted. Today they did 2 kidneys and one difficult liver-tx during my boring horizontal position in all these eight hours.

As posted earlier: follow my blog and learn more about the modern and "effective" Norwegian Health System.

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mrsnesbitt said...

Sleep well Arnea!
Everything crossed for tomorrow!